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Since opening its first shelter in 1973, Mercy Centre has never turned away a poor child in need. Mercy takes every child in, and provides each boy and girl a safe and healthy place to grow and thrive. All children go to school and all are cared for as in one loving family.

The Child Sponsorship Program helps ensure the care and education of all children in the Mercy family, and allows Mercy to keep its doors open for the next poor child in need of a home.

All Mercy's children have suffered loss, pain and abandonment before joining the Mercy family. Many have lost their own sense of being a child. Just having a friend - someone they can write to who cares - means the world to them.

It takes approximately $3000/year to completely cover the care for each Mercy child but we are grateful to receive contributions to these costs as described below:

Level I: Education (includes school fees, school supplies and uniforms) $275/yr or $23/mo

Level II: Education and Housing: $860/yr or $72/mo

Level III: Education, Housing, Food and Healthcare $2070/yr or $172/mo

Level IV: Total Care $3000/yr or $250/mo

As a Mercy sponsor, you will receive photos, a case history, welcome letter, holiday greetings, periodic updates, and letters from your sponsored child.

Mercy children take great pride in writing to their sponsors and drawing pictures about their life and feelings. In this way, your sponsorship helps build their self-esteem and helps them grow, learn, make friends, and enjoy being a child.

If you would like to join our program, please fill out the online form below to make a donation via PayPal or if you prefer to join by mail, please download and send the completed form with your donation to the address listed.

Mercy Centre USA is a 501(c)(3) charity and all donations are tax deductible. Federal employees may also donate through the Combined Federal Campaign. Our CFC number is 19248. 

Online Donation

$275.00 [ Level 1 (Education) ]
$860.00 [ Level 2 (Plus housing) ]
$2,070.00 [ Level 3 (Plus food and health care) ]
$3,000.00 [ Level 4 (Total caring) ]