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  • Christmas Legends of Klong Toey

    Christmas Legends of Klong Toey

    It was here towards the back in the old Catholic area of the Slaughter House  where  our  Christmas legends and truths of Klong Toey began. It was here that the parents taught  children their prayers and each  Christmas, every child learned again of our Christmas legends and truths.  “Back in the day.” 

    Long ago, a very poor couple came into the village. They were strangers to all. The lady, beautiful and radiant, rode in a wooden-wheel cart with her husband leading the cart's oxen.  She was nine months pregnant, but she appeared to be happy and serene, smiling at everyone. Her husband asked permission from the village elder to enter and visit the church.  The husband's accent sounded foreign and no one could identify its origin. 

    The husband said that he and his wife were on their way to a small town called Bethlehem.  He thought he could get good directions from the church. Said his name was Joseph; his pregnant wife was Mary.  He spoke of how angels, shepherds and fishermen would one day soon become disciples, and of how there would be much joy, but also suffering. 

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Donie Carroll leads a team of world-class traditional Irish musicians. All proceeds from the purchase of this CD go to the Mercy Centre.

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